Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cosmic climbing!

Last night I went to the rock climbing wall at lifetime in Troy. We were clebrating my friend Nik's birthday. We had the black lights and the disco ball going all night. It was a fun night and a great way to celebrate his birthday with my friends. Also, in 13 days I will be leaving for London and Paris! =]

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Climbing Champ!

Last week I had entered an 80s themed rock climbing competition at Wayne State University.  There were three different routes that I had to climb.  I was given three chances at each route, but only used one try on all three routes.  The first route that I had completed was very easy and I had completed it with no problems.   The next two were the more difficult.  Before I had climbed them, nobody had made it to the top.  At the last minute one of the holds got taken off and it was very crucial to finishing the route.  This made it next to impossible to finish because there was no spot to put your feet.  The only way to move past that particular spot was to campus (only using your arms, like pull-ups).  I did not make it past that part and ended up falling, but I had made it farther than any of the other competitors.  After I climbed that route I was exhausted and still had one route left to try.  This one nobody had made it to the top either, they all got stuck at the same point.  When I climbed it, I managed to get past that point by doing moves that I was taught perviously.  I was still tired from the last route and did not finish this one, but got farther than the other competitors.