Monday, January 17, 2011

Goodbye Yina

Yina and I in Frankenmuth =]
On Thursday we received an exchange student from China.  Her English was very good, and better than my Econ Professor's.  On Friday they went shopping all day from 9 AM to 5 PM and all the students bought lots of things because they are cheaper here than in China.  After that we had a huge Italian dinner. There were two types of sauces and three different types of pasta along with ficasa bread, vegetables and salad.  For dessert we had my favorite apple pie.   After dinner we went to the movies to go see Little Fockers.  The movie was as good as the others.  Then played a fun game of apples to apples.  On Saturday morning I went to Boot Camp and Alisha and Yina went to see Black Swan.  In Boot Camp we did strength circuits and ran on the treadmill; if you do not finish your run in the time they give you, there are consequences.  Then we all went to Frankenmuth to show Yina the little German town.  We went shopping and introduced Yina to the Pandora bracelets. Then we had the world famous chicken dinner until we could not eat anymore. The food was great just as usual.  On the way back we stopped at Great Lakes Crossing to do more shopping.  Yina needed another suitcase and loved the Forever 21.   We were all exhausted and slept in the car, but stayed up late talking because it was her last night here.  The morning came too quickly and I had to drag myself out of bed because I was exhausted from Boot Camp and lack of sleep.  We said our goodbyes and they were gone. 


  1. We had a wonderful weekend with Yina! Hopefully our paths will cross again. She will be dearly missed.

  2. Awww, I bet it was awesome having someone from another country come to live with you! It sounds like you showed her a wonderful time! I love all the shopping you guys did :)