Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Harness! New Year!

My old climbing harness was getting too big for me.  It was uncomfortable when I would take falls or set new routes. The waist was tightened all the way but there was still extra room, which leads to hurting when I was hanging in it for a long time.  So the search for a new harness lead me to a Petzl harness.  I ended up getting the Selena.  It is very comfortable and also a pretty color. =] I can't wait to use it in Kentucky. The unadjustable leg loops make me feel much safer because my other harness would slowly loosen.  When I hang in the new harness now, it  does not dig into my kidneys like the old one did. It fits my hips and waist very well.  I tried it out at the Wayne State University climbing wall with much success.  I also think it is more comfortable when I am teaching classes.

Last night was also the night that my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We got all dressed up and he surprised me with a nice dinner at Brio and presents.  He got me some yoga pants and Puma socks which are very brightly colored exactly the way I like them.  The restaurant was very crowded.  We had reservations but still had to wait.  It was a great night and more to come.

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